About us

Billiards KOBAYASHI Club opened in Tokyo Shinjyuku-ku since 1981.The owner of the Billiards KOBAYASHI is Hideaki Kobayashi from 2018.

Also the founder of Billiards KOBAYASHI is his father Nobuaki Kobayashi (1942-2019) who is World Three Cushion Champion in 1974 and 1984.

Hideaki is one of the top carom billiard player in Japan under Japan Professional Billiard Federation (JPBF) Since 1995 and his first winner title is All Japan Three Cushion Championship in 2005.

Billiards KOBAYASHI has 4 American pool table and 8 Carom Billiard Table. Our club has many professional instructors. So you can enjoy playing with authentic equipments under well mainteined condition. Please feel free to contact us for repairs of personal billiard items.

Let's enjoy billiards together!



Address :Nagumo building F3, 2-10-1 Hyakunin-cyo, Shinjyuku-Ku, Tokyo Japan

Phone : +81-3-3371-4589
Fax : +81-3-3371-4592
email :
Open : From 11:00 to 23:00 (Japan Standard Time/GMT+9)



Address : Nagumo building F3, 2-10-1 Hyakunin-cho, Shinjyuku-Ku, Tokyo JAPAN

Take “Yamanote Line” and get off at “Shin-Okubo station”.It will take 1 minute by walk from “Shin-Okubo Station”

*If you lost on the way, probably you better to ask someone where the Karaoke BIG ECHO is.

Fax : +81-3-3371-4592